Ex-Im Bank Long-Term Exposure Fee Calculator Help and Definitions

Ex-Im Bank Exposure Fee Category (or by Country): Select the country.
This will be country where the buyer is located, unless the credit will be guaranteed and the guarantor is located in a different country.
Percentage of Cover: Select the percentage of cover.
At this time Ex-Im Bank only offers 100% cover of the amount eligible to be financed under its guarantee, loan and insurance programs (i.e., up to 85% of the contract price).
Product: MT Insurance (2) or Guarantee/Direct Loan (3) Select the product.
Ex-Im Bank offers a "standard"/level 2 product (medium-term insurance) and two "above-standard"/level 3 products (direct loans and guarantees). "Standard" refers to conditional coverage and "above standard" to unconditional coverage. Ex-Im Bank does not offer a "below standard" product (i.e., no post-default interest payment). Ex-Im Bank has placed the direct loan in the "above standard" category in order not to compete with private lenders.
Repayment Period: (Years) Enter the repayment period.
This will be the number of years over which the loan will be repaid.
Drawdown Period: (Months) Enter the length of the drawdown period.
The drawdown period is defined as the time from the first drawdown under the Ex-Im Bank credit to the starting point of credit (i.e., the beginning of the repayment period which usually falls six months before the first repayment of principal). If the transaction involves a single shipment, the drawdown period is zero. In all other cases, enter the anticipated number of months between the first draw under the Ex-Im Bank credit and the starting point of credit.
Financed? (Y/N) Exposure fee financed or not?
In the past, most buyers elected to finance the fee. Selecting this option now, however, will result in a slightly higher fee.
Paid: Up Front (F) or As Drawn (D) Exposure fee paid "up front " or "as drawn?"
In the past, the exposure fee was payable "as drawn" (i.e., a portion of the exposure fee was due on each draw under the Ex-Im Bank credit). The new "up front" option results in a lower fee for those buyers willing to pay the entire exposure fee in a lump sum on or before the first draw under the Ex-Im Bank credit.




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