City/State Partners Initiative


The City/State Partners Program brings state, county, and local non-profit economic development entities together with Ex-Im Bank in a partnership designed to expand export opportunities.

If you have the local market knowledge and the ability to reach it, Ex-Im Bank offers trade finance expertise and programs specifically tailored to support U.S.-based exporters. By cooperating and pooling strengths, we can accomplish together what neither could do alone.

We think you’ll discover an alliance with Ex-Im Bank will pay off big-time. The benefits are simple. Supporting exports helps create desirable jobs in your community. Exporters generally offer higher wages and are 30 percent more likely to stay in business than non-exporters. That means a stable and expanding local tax base in your local community.

Who’s eligible to become a partner?

City/State Partners must meet the following requirements:

Your current mission must be the promotion, creation and expansion of businesses in a given region by making available financing assistance and entrepreneurial services.
You must recognize the importance of assisting local businesses in creating jobs through exports.
Examples of eligible partners include State, County, City Governments—either directly or indirectly funded; local non-profit economic development entities funded through universities and colleges; Small Business Development Centers; and World Trade Organizations.

What services will Ex-Im Bank provide?

  • All the essential support and resources your organization needs, including training and marketing materials at no cost.
  • Highly qualified trade finance specialists to speak at your events.
  • Assistance with joint marketing and outreach campaigns.
  • A network of lenders, insurance brokers, and other U.S. Government export resources.
  • One-on-one trade finance counseling.

What must City/State Partners do?

  • Stay up-to-date on Ex-Im Bank products and services.
  • Conduct export finance seminars and represent Ex-Im Bank at seminars sponsored by the U.S. Export Assistance Centers.
  • Help put exporters in touch with Ex-Im Bank trade finance specialists.
  • Report on your export outreach activities annually.

How can you become a partner?

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, we make the application process straightforward. Usually a copy of your comprehensive annual report to management or board of directors or governors will contain sufficient information to ascertain eligibility. If your organization does not prepare an annual report we will ask for a business plan.

Once your application is accepted, we will train your staff at one of our regional offices or at our Washington D.C. headquarters.

We welcome your inquiries, so please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Mr. Augustine A. Grace
City/State Partner Coordinator

Mrs. Shontelle E. Bragg
Program Management Assistant




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