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Capital Source One is a private investment partnership that makes principal investments, both directly and through funds that we raise and manage, in an array of income-producing assets and securities. With access up to $800 million in Hedge Fund Capital for deployment combined with 'granular experience' in disparate businesses ranging from corporate finance to real estate development as well as sources from private equity, our principals contribute considerable investment expertise as well as a deep sagacity into many of the niche businesses where we invest. Our firm invests the partnership's proprietary capital, as well as capital raised from outside investors and institutions, in real estate assets throughout the world. We identify, structure and finance the acquisition of real estate assets and management companies through the purchase of equity interests, mortgages and operating companies, as well as other investment vehicles, and control real estate assets through a variety of tax-advantaged holding companies. In addition to managing funds invested in the debt/equity of predominantly distress real estate assets and enterprises, we acquire existing limited partnership (LP) interests in real estate private equity funds known as LP secondaries. We target investment opportunities that will demonstrate strong, non-cyclical financial performance and generate substantial free cash flow (FCF) after capital and ordinary expenditures.

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Capital Source One is committed to the successful performance of our real estate investment funds and loan portfolios. To learn how to earn principal-protected returns in our Elite Financier's Consortium™ (EFC)  through investing in First Position Private Mortgages also known as 1st Lien Trust Deeds, click here


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